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Telemedical Kiosks

Telemedical Kiosks

A modern medical system for Care Centres and Nursing Homes consisting of a stationary and mobile kiosk
A modern medical system for Care Centres and Nursing Homes consisting of a stationary and mobile kiosk

Telemedical Kiosks

A multi-functional hardware platform that allows the patient to complete a medical process based on measuring multiple medical parameters and collecting patient information.

Mobile Telemedical Assistant

A flexible mobile hardware platform that supports the medical process at the bedside by measuring the selected parameters.

What does it allow?

Advantages of the solution

Patients can perform periodic tests on their own.

Continuous supervision of staff – ensures that staff carry out assigned activities in accordance with the planned scenario and in the correct order.

Continuous on-line access to tests results for authorised persons in digital form.

Possibility of video-consult with specialist medical staff based on data collected from medical devices.

Digitally recorded exams are transferred to the facility’s IT system.

Conduct any survey, health and mental fitness assessment – using more than 10 types of measurements and medical surveys.


Technological capabilities

Open APIs for integration with any measurement device

Integration with any IT system of the Centre and medical entity.

Possibility to use your preferred wireless technology (GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

Customisation of the user interface and workflow for any medical process

The form of implementation (design and size of the kiosk) can be adapted to the customer’s
preference, selected functionality, available space

Benefits for the Care Centre, Nursing Home

Relieve for staff – performing diagnostic tests without the need for carers.

Digital medical records that meet the requirements of Electronic Medical Records.

Outsourcing of IT tasks and automatic supervision and control over tasks of the staff.

Digitisation of the process of acceptance and medical qualification of the person subject to care.

Ensuring that the procedures defined by the Centre are followed and repeatable, while ensuring the quality and safety of the services provided, the Kiosk System will guide the staff step by step ensuring that the tasks ordered are performed correctly.

Significantly reduce medical staff mistakes and the reliability of measurements.

The ability of specialist doctors to provide remote medical care.

The ability to handle more persons subject to care.